Our mission

The Swiss NASH Foundation is a non-for-profit organization committed to the dissemination of knowledge and raising of awareness about NASH. Through funding cutting edge research projects and increasing the knowledge and awareness about NASH, the foundation aims at contributing to treatment discovery as well as improving the patients’ quality of life.

Our history

In a joint effort to tackle the increasing prevalence and burden of NASH, scientific experts and the leading pharmaceutical companies: Gilead, Allergan, Genfit and Intercept have joined forces to establish The Swiss NASH Foundation.

Our vision

Prevent, diagnose and cure NASH.

Our Strategy

Creating Awareness

It is fundamental that we raise awareness and disseminate knowledge about NASH. This will help prevent and diagnose the disease.

Funding Projects

We hope to support talented researchers in the field of NASH to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Swiss NASH Day

Swiss NASH Day is dedicated to increasing awareness about NASH and is scheduled the same week as the international NASH day. The Swiss NASH foundation is organising an event that will bring together different scientific and medical experts to discuss the latest advances in NASH research, treatment and patient management.