Each NASH patient should follow any specific diet prescribed by their doctor. In general, it is important to keep a balanced diet for quality and quantity. The list below is summarizing the results from different observational studies and clinical trials among NAFLD patients and provide a practical tool for healthier life.

Mediterranean diet

Is known to be rich in polyunsaturated fats, polyphenols, vitamins and carotenoids and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Recent studies show the positive impact of this diet on NASH as well as on the prevention of fatty liver.


Recent studies show that even moderate drinking might be harmful.  The amount of alcohol should be reduced to not more than a drink per day for women or two drinks per day for men.


Avoid high fat, fried food and fast food.


There is a difference between naturally occurring sugars (in whole fruits, vegetables and milk) and added sugars. Added sugars are incorporated in food and beverages and have been shown to trigger fatty liver. Soft drinks are considered as an important risk factor and their intake should be minimized.


Several recent studies have shown a positive impact of coffee intake on the liver and the hepatoprotective effects of coffee may be linked to caffeine and to its polyphenolic fraction.


The beneficial effect of exercise is supported by several studies showing a clear impact on liver fat.