The Swiss NASH Foundation was launched in October 2019 in Bern, Switzerland. In a joint effort to tackle the increasing prevalence and burden of NASH, scientific experts and the leading pharmaceutical companies: Gilead, Allergan, Genfit and Intercept have joined forces to establish The Swiss NASH Foundation. NASH is a worldwide epidemic disease affecting over 115 million people. Still, NASH remains an under-diagnosed and under-reported disease. Untreated NASH may lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver transplantation.

In the absence of a cure, the major treatment for NASH remains lifestyle changes including weight reduction, healthy diet and regular physical activity. The Swiss NASH Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and increase the knowledge about NASH and fatty liver in general. Through funding innovative research projects on NASH diagnostics, treatment and patient management, the foundation is joining the fight against this epidemic disease.

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